Bitcoin Holding $10,000 Could Confirm The Bull Run Is Still On

12 September 2020, 09: 05

Bitcoin Needs to Hold $10,000

Bitcoin must hold $10,000 in the near future to confirm that it is in a bull market, one macro analysis suggested.
A cryptocurrency chartist and trader shared the chart below, which shows Bitcoin’s macro price action along with an Ichimoku Cloud indicator. Bitcoin bounced off that level multiple times over the last bull market to confirm it was in a bull trend.
He’s not the only one that thinks Bitcoin should hold this level.
As reported by NewsBTC, a historically accurate trader believes that Bitcoin must hold $10,000 to maintain its bullish uptrend. The trader in question is one who predicted BTC’s price action to a T in late-2018, then all throughout 2019.

He wrote referencing the chart below:

As you can see, $10k level is very important for Bitcoin and was under siege multiple times in the past. From downside… Now the battle is going on from upside. It takes more time than I personally expected, but this doesn’t surprise me much when I look backwards. If Bitcoin hold $10k on weekly basis (i.e. weekly candle will not close below) – it will be a strong ground for further growth. And I’m sure it will.